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Relaxation Massage
Using light-medium pressure, steady rhythm and long flowing strokes, I work to gradually help to relax your muscles and dissolve tension. 

1 hr treament........$55 
75 min treatment ......$70
90 min ... $85 

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve tension in the muscles and the connective tissues. Deep tissue massage is typically advised for muscle pain caused by stress and overwork. In certain situations, deep tissue can successfully alleviate debilitating pain caused by a gradual or sudden tightening of a muscle or muscle group. It can also be used to help increase range of motion when applicable.

1 hr treatment...$60
75 min treatment ......$75
90 min ... $90

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, round, heated Basalt stones are fabulous for massage application. The heat aids in relaxation and blood flow to the muscle and enables the therapist to treat the deeper muscles more quickly and effectively.

  70 min treatment...$80
80 min treatment ......$90
90 min ... $100

Massage + Foot Scrub
Choose exfoliating salt or softening sugar. Scented or unscented.

 60 min Relaxation Massage + Foot Scrub........$60
75 min Relaxation Massage + Foot Scrub.........$75
90 min Relaxation Massage + Foot Scrub........$90
60 min Deep Tissue Massage + Foot Scrub......$65
75 min Deep Tissue Massage + Foot Scrub......$80
90 min Deep Tissue Massage + Foot Scrub......$95

Massage & Back Mask
French Green Clay with Ylang Ylang Back Mask

60 min Relaxation & Back Mask .....$75
75 min Relaxation & Back Mask ......$85
90 min Relaxation & Back Mask .....$95
60 min Deep Tissue & Back Mask....$80
75 min Deep Tissue & Back Mask.....$90
90 min Deep Tissue & Back Mask...$100

Seaweed Body Wrap
A Tonifying Seaweed Bodywrap Skin Treatment: Dry brush exfoliation is followed by the application of a warm layer of seaweed gel bodywrap. You will be kept warm and comfortable while your wrap sets for 20 minutes. After your wrap is removed with hot towels, an essential oil blend is massaged into the skin along with a moisturizing lotion. (Disposable undergarments are available.)
1 hr treatment...$85

Grigorian Method ®
Grigorian Method ® is an eastern-influenced treatment that includes the use of pressure points & passive stretching to increase flexibility.  It is a dry treatment (uses no lotions or oils).

60-80 min treament.....$100

Pre-natal Massage
Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Pre-natal massage is usually side-lying and focusing on lower back and neck release.

1 hr Pre-Natal Massage treatment...$55
75 min Pre-Natal Massage treatment $70
90 min Pre-Natal Massage treatment $85

( For those who may inquire: Always appropriate-touch, therapeutic massages only )

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